What Parents Say About Museum Academy

Jolene Avery-Bauckman.
We are so thrilled to have both of our sons at CREC Museum Academy. When our oldest had his first day, his classmates were just as welcoming as the staff -- a true testament to the positive culture of the school! They look forward to every day at school, and they are absolutely thriving there.

Melissa McWeeny.
I have always loved Museum Academy, but now that my daughter Cailynn has moved on to middle school I can truly see the unbelievable foundation of learning that she has been given from her years as an MA student. I pinch myself every day that my children are fortunate enough to be part of such an amazing school, filled with the most wonderful teachers, staff, and administration. Museum Academy has given my children a deep love of learning, a desire to explore, confidence to be themselves, ask questions, and given them an extended family that they know will be there to celebrate their accomplishments and who will give them appropriate resources when they struggle. I am so proud to be a small part of this extraordinary school.