CREC Museum Academy

The Museum Academy | Where Students Examine, Experiment, and Exhibit
Hands-on, minds-on, authentic learning is on display at the Museum Academy, which partners with museums throughout the state to customize museum teachings and field trips to match the humanities-based curriculum. With a focus on active learning, students in PreK-Grade 4 explore and uncover each lesson so it has greater meaning. Classroom and school-wide projects transform the school into a living museum, with grade-level students acting as guides for exhibitions in our exhibit hall.
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Program Highlights
Students at the Academy will demonstrate an understanding of museum roles by observing professional museum staff. Students will showcase their understanding of museum roles by modeling them during school-wide exhibitions.


  • Standards-based
  • Uninterrupted literacy block
  • Interventions available
  • Connecticut and district assessments
  • Spanish instruction
  • 7 Pre K classes with certified teachers

Museum Studies

  • 4 units of study integrated through the curriculum: science and social studies
  • Visual Thinking Strategies
  • 21st century skills are fostered
  • 3 Exhibition nights to showcase student learning and in-depth knowledge on topics taught
  • Student docents to welcome visitors and explain learning in our museum
  • Expeditions to partner museums monthly, which extends the learning outside of the classroom
  • Focused instruction and student experience



Principal: Mrs. Shandra L. Brown
Assistant Principal: Ms. Barbara Perrone

Family Liaison: Mr. Luis Rodriguez